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We are more than a team of great stars, we are more than a stadium full of dreams, we are more than the goals we’ve scored and more than the trophies that we’ve won throughout our history.

At Barça we are “MORE THAN A CLUB” because:

we have MORE THAN 144,000 MEMBERS that make the big decisions democratically; because when we play we want to win, but without neglecting our OWN, UNIQUE STYLE; because we invest in 5 PROFESSIONAL SPORTS and promote WOMEN’S SPORT; because we are a SCHOOL FOR LIFE that educates people through sport; because we feel that such VALUES as humility, effort, teamwork, ambition and respect are just as important part of the way we play as winning; because we are firmly committed to SOCIAL CHANGE and the Barça Foundation provides support to the most vulnerable children and youth through sports and values; because without forgetting our roots in BARCELONA and our Catalan identity and culture, we have always been open to the world.

That’s why FC Barcelona is Més que un club (More than a club).

This book details the complete history of the famous football club. Through its pages and images, the reader is be able to delve into the victories harvested by the most emblematic players and trainers of the organization, and discover the evolution and social impact of a club that has managed to transcend the sporting field and convert into a global phenomenon. Rich of great visual content the volume portrays like no other the complete history of FC Barcelona, from its origins to the present day, passing through the milestones of the club.

The volume chronologically covers FC Barcelona’s long trajectory, focusing on both its sporting success and history. It stands out for its great variety of photographs and historical pictures of the main football icons that have left their mark on the history of Barça.


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Barça: Més que un club (English edition): 120 Years 1899-2019

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